Remember back in 2009, when former Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson said that Republicans’ health care plan boiled down to “die quickly”?

Well, it looks like that narrative is back en vogue over ten years later. At least WaPo opinion writer Paul Waldman wants it to be:

Waldman’s piece concludes:

Meanwhile, the idea that we’re just going to have to accept tens or hundreds of thousands more Americans dying is becoming distressingly common among Republicans. “There are more important things than living,” says Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick.

We’re moving toward an utterly horrifying partisan divide, in which Democrats want to contain the virus so that we’re able to get the economy back on its feet, while Republicans decide that the only brave and manly thing to do is to stop worrying about the virus and “get back to normal” immediately, no matter how many Americans it kills. In fact, we may soon reach the point where dismissing all those deaths is precisely how you show your loyalty to Trump.

I’m sure there are plenty of Republicans who know what a moral disaster this is. But they’ve decided they have to follow Trump’s lead and praise him for the great job he’s doing, no matter how catastrophic it has actually been. And we haven’t even seen the worst of it.

The GOP will not rest until every last one of us is dead.


Get on The List, Paul. You’ve earned a spot.

Oh well, David. At least you tried!

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