Shannon Watts has a problem with Virginia Republican congressional candidate Nick Freitas. Namely that he’s pro-Second-Amendment. So she’s encouraging all her fans in Virginia to donate to Freitas’ opponent, Abigail Spanberger.

But Shannon Watts can’t just stop there. She’s gotta take it up to 11.

So she did:

She deleted the tweet. Without explanation or apology, naturally. But it’s OK. Freitas saw it when it was still up, and he can explain why Watts might’ve wanted to try to memory-hole it:

Shannon Watts spends so much time taking the high road, we’re amazed she hasn’t been hospitalized for chronic nosebleeds.

Because she’s a bad person.

She can’t do better. Even if she could, she’s starting from rock-bottom, so it wouldn’t make much of a difference.

Inquiring minds wanna know.