The Supreme Court heard oral arguments today concerning the Trump administration’s rollback of Obamacare rules requiring employers to provide free birth control coverage for employees.

The horror of expecting women to have enough bodily autonomy to pay for their own birth control! Actor Bradley Whitford, who was on “The West Wing” and is therefore a policy expert, for one, can’t believe we’re even debating this:

We’re living in the Handmaid’s Tale, people.

Where to begin? Well, for starters, this is not about denying “all you women out there” access to birth control. These arguments are about employer-sponsored birth control coverage. So nice try, Bradley. Good effort.

We also applaud Bradley’s bold attempt to shame male Supreme Court Justices for being male (and, in some cases, conservative) for hearing the arguments. Seeing as, well …

It was indeed.

That’s a lotta testosterone, Bradley.


Of course not. Fortunately, Bradley doesn’t have to make that critique — at least not yet — so he can keep his preferred narrative alive.

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