CNN hall monitor Brian Stelter practically wet his pants with excitement over the opportunity to dunk on Sen. Ted Cruz after Cruz mistakenly retweeted a tweet busting Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for violating her own directive about social distancing.

Here’s journalist Andrew Malcolm’s tweet, which Cruz retweeted:

And here’s Stelter’s gotcha:

That’s great, Brian. You really nailed him there!

What’s weird, though, is that you don’t seem all that concerned with how Cruz mistakenly came to believe that the photo was recent in the first place.

Fortunately, since Brian Stelter couldn’t be bothered to investigate, Cruz explained it to him himself:

Well, Brian?

Take a look:

So … a media outlet screwed up? You mean that Ted Cruz made an honest mistake because of an error on the media’s part?

We took a look at Brian’s timeline and oddly enough found no mention of the ABC News affiliate’s mistake. Weird, right?