We hadn’t really heard about this, but according to GOP Sen. Tom Cotton, the IRS is set to screw over seniors on Social Security who are counting on COVID19 relief money:

Wait, what?

More from Forbes:

On Monday, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) posted a notice about the checks. The guidance included several sentences that seem contrary to the language in the law. Specifically, the guidance advised, “However, some seniors and others who typically do not file returns will need to submit a simple tax return to receive the stimulus payment.”

Tax professionals like me expected that some non-filers would have to file returns to receive checks. Otherwise, how would the IRS know how to reach them, or that they existed at all?

But seniors? Seniors for whom the Social Security Administration issues tax statements each year AND requires direct deposit for benefit checks? Why the need for more paperwork?

So far, the IRS isn’t commenting.


One thing’s for sure: This isn’t a great look for the IRS. But then, what else is new?

Let’s hope if this is indeed the case, it’s a wrong that gets righted quickly.

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