Damn, it feels good to be Brian Stelter!

Seriously, making fat stacks by spending your day watching another network and complaining about it sounds like a pretty sweet gig. Not even Fox News covers Fox News as extensively as Brian Stelter:

Stelter writes:

If the ratings-conscious president had wanted to reach a bigger audience, he would have called into the “Today” show or “Good Morning America.” If he had wanted to be heard on the global stage, he would have granted an interview to CNN.

His decision to stay on Fox suggest he wants to shore up his base — and avoid difficult questioning.

He has turned down all interview requests from CNN.

Considering CNN’s open hostility to Donald Trump and the network’s reluctance to air the COVID19 press briefings without being filtered through their talking heads, is it really a surprise that Trump keeps giving CNN the cold shoulder?

But all is not lost, Brian:



Brian Stelter’s latest whining about Donald Trump and Fox News’ joint ‘politicization’ of COVID19 should be accompanied by a tiny violin