OMG, you guys. Have you heard? The United States has officially shot to the top of the list of countries with COVID19 cases:

The raw numbers don’t lie, right?

Asterisk, shmasterisk. Anything to make the U.S. look bad is worth it.

We can trust China, because they’re way better than the United States and certainly more honest and forthcoming with statistics.

NBC sure acts like they’re getting paid to. So it makes sense that MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough would go the same route:

Joe’s got the sirens and everything. We’re kinda surprised he didn’t include any clapping emojis, though.

Pretty appalling that after everything we know about China’s handling of the COVID19 outbreak, Joe’s got the temerity to blame Donald Trump for all this.

Appalling, but not surprising. Media hacks like Joe Scarborough are only too happy to trust in and parrot ChiCom propaganda because their ultimate agenda is to hurt Donald Trump and America’s global standing.

“Dumb” seems awfully generous for someone like Joe Scarborough.

Maybe a class in journalistic ethics, too.



MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough — who insists he’s ‘not a Democrat’ — uses his platform to push ‘wicked lie’ about Republicans

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