In case you missed it, California Gov. Gavin Newsom recently officialluy cautioned against gatherings exceeding 250 people:

What does that mean for California’s theme parks?

Well, at least as far as Disneyland is concerned, Newsom reportedly … isn’t as concerned:

That’s … interesting.

Is it baffling, though?

A lot of people seem to think Newsom’s giving Disneyland a pass might not be as “complex” as he makes it out to be:

To be fair, we’re not clear on what authority Newsom actually has to shut down Disneyland. But at the very least, it seems like he should be encouraging Disneyland to take the same precautions he’s advising for everyone else.

A little consistency seems like a reasonable demand at this point.



“Complex” and “unique” reasons notwithstanding, it looks like Disneyland is going ahead and closing up shop for now: