Good news, everyone! Vulgarity from presidential candidates is great again! Or at least “probably a good thing.”

Just ask CNN’s Chris Cillizza, who watched Joe Biden losing it on a Detroit autoworker and thought that Biden came off looking pretty good:

Cillizza concludes:

There’s also a deeply rich irony here in the Trump campaign trying to suggest that confrontations, generally speaking, and a politician using a few curse words is a bad thing. After all, this President loves confrontation! And cussing! Often in public! And dismissing those who say that he isn’t acting presidential as wimps and whiners!

Yes, this is a huge double standard. When Trump tells people where they can stick it, his fans say he’s being tough and standing up for America. When Biden does the same, he’s unhinged.

Look. I’m not sure this one incident changes many — or any — voters’ minds. But to the extent it does have an impact, it’s hard for me to see this as anything but good for Biden as he seeks to put away Sanders in the primary and pivot to taking on Trump in the general.

First of all, the fact that Trump has been vulgar and confrontational doesn’t excuse Biden’s behavior. Cillizza himself is guilty of having a double standard if he condemns Trump’s behavior but shrugs off or defends bad behavior from a Democrat like Biden.

Second of all, we know that the media are in the tank for Democrats, but we honestly don’t understand how someone could watch what we watched and objectively think “Biden looks good here.”

Of course they’re doing it. We’d be shocked if they didn’t.

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