The stock market’s hurting today thanks in no small part to fear surrounding the spread of COVID19. So, what better time could there be for Rick Wilson to dust off this oldie but goodie?

Here’s a screenshot, just in case:

Just in case Rick deletes, that is. Not that we expect him to, as he’s got no shame, but if he did have shame, he’d delete it. Because the Trump tweet is fake.

Either Rick Wilson isn’t as hip as he thinks he is and doesn’t know it’s a fake, or he knows and just doesn’t care. We honestly could see either being true.

Definitely cool enough for Joe Scarborough:

You’re enjoying this, Joe. Aren’t you?

Well, when you want to believe hard enough, anything is possible.

Oh well. Still worth it, right, Joe?

It really is a mystery.

Meanwhile, now would be a great time for Twitter to flex their muscle and show they’re super-serial about enforcing their rules against misinformation:



For what it’s worth, Scarborough responded to being called out for spreading fake news with humility and contrition.

Just kidding! He behaved like a jackass:



Rick Wilson further cements ‘absolute lowlife scumbag’ status by mocking CPAC COVID19 case at Andy Ngo’s expense