As Twitchy told you, Donald Trump and Jim Acosta recently got into it a little during a press conference in India. Apparently Fox News’ Chris Wallace was less than impressed with Acosta’s performance:

Well, for what it’s worth, CNN Digital Worldwide VP and spokesman Matt Dornic doesn’t take kindly to Wallace’s criticism of Acosta’s juvenile behavior:

Uh-oh, everybody …

We’re totally here for it. Though that doesn’t mean we’ll let Dornic off the hook for being an idiot.

First of all:

Second of all:

That’s good advice, Matt. We’re not real journalists like Jim Acosta, or anything, but we’re pretty sure your tweet is fake news.

Oh well. At least someone appreciates what Dornic had to say:




‘I couldn’t be prouder’: CNN VP pretty testy that Chris Wallace called out Jim Acosta on his behavior

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