Media firefighters losing their minds over Michael Bloomberg’s “doctored” debate video are a dime a dozen, but that doesn’t mean some don’t still deserve special attention.

Ladies and gentlemen, Market News International’s Pedro da Costa. Unlike the rest of us rubes, Pedro recognizes the gravity of what Bloomberg’s campaign has done:

Well, obviously this means Michael Bloomberg’s journalism career is over.


Ouch, Pedro! Zing! You sure showed Alex Griswold who the real journalist is and definitely don’t look like a petty man-child who’s just pissed that one Democratic candidate made your guy (or gal) look bad in an obviously edited video.

Oh well. At least through this whole ordeal, da Costa remains stunning and brave:

Awww, don’t be like that, Pedro.

Oh well.

But that wasn’t deception, you see. The real guilty party here isn’t journalists who’s deception has been well documented, but rather the “cyber criminals” who have the gall to call those journalists out while simultaneously not being outraged over a silly video: