Trump Derangement Syndrome is all too real. For proof, just look at Democratic Rep. James Clyburn. It’s one thing to take issue with Donald Trump’s policies. But this … goes beyond that:

More from the Washington Times:

The South Carolina Democrat weighed in on Mr. Trump’s economy during an appearance on Fox News after host Neil Cavuto said the president had “delivered the goods for a lot of African-Americans” with record-low unemployment.

“Come on, Neil,” Mr. Clyburn responded. “It’s not true.”

“I’m saying that the African-American unemployment is not the lowest it’s ever been unless you count slavery,” the congressman said. “We were fully employed during slavery. So it all depends how you measure this up.”

When pressed on whether Mr. Trump deserves any credit for the economy, Mr. Clyburn replied, “I’ll give President Trump credit for continuing what we laid the foundation for back in 2009.”

Well, um, that’s mighty generous of you, Rep. Clyburn.

Seriously, what the hell? Feel free to spin the economic news all you like, but once you go the “we were fully employed during slavery” route, it’s time to drink your Ovaltine and take a seat.

If you’re completely insane, yes.

It really does look that way, doesn’t it?