What’s this? More damning audio from Michael Bloomberg’s past? We don’t believe it.

And yet, here we are:

More from BuzzFeed:

A newly uncovered video shows Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg in 2019 describing transgender people as an “he, she, or it” and “some guy in a dress” who enters girls’ locker rooms — invoking a conservative cliché as he argued that transgender rights are toxic for presidential candidates trying to reach middle America.

It’s actually not just a “conservative cliché” that some men out there want to get into girls’ locker rooms and are willing to identify as trans to do it, but we digress. More:

Bloomberg’s sensitivity was far less apparent at a forum hosted by the Bermuda Business Development Agency on March 21, 2019, in Manhattan, where Bloomberg derided Democratic candidates for talking about transgender protections.

“If your conversation during a presidential election is about some guy wearing a dress and whether he, she, or it can go to the locker room with their daughter, that’s not a winning formula for most people,” he said.

Bloomberg made a similar remark about a “man wearing a dress” in 2016, but his comments uncovered Tuesday — remarks he made less than a year ago — came amid the early stages of the 2020 Democratic primary.



Is he, though? Is that really what will finish him off? The guy’s got a history of racism and sexism (and just all-around awfulness), but he’s still making headway in the Democratic presidential race. Almost as if bigotry isn’t actually all that big a deal to Dems.

That’s the thing. His supporters and defenders will continue to support and defend him, his critics will continue to criticize him, and ultimately it probably won’t make much of a difference. It’s not like Donald Trump said it, after all.