In case you missed it, Oracle co-founder and chair Larry Ellison is hosting a fundraiser for Donald Trump next week. This is major, you guys. So major that Brian Stelter’s spreading the word:

Vox’s Teddy Schleifer has indeed been covering this very important story:


Great question, Teddy! Yesterday, he tried to get some answers:

Teddy’s DMs must’ve really lit up, because later on yesterday, he had enough for a whole Vox piece about Oracle’s “furious” employees:

Great reporting, Teddy! Stephen Miller, aka @redsteeze, is very impressed.

Except no he isn’t. Because there’s nothing impressive about what Teddy did to get his big story:

That’s literally it. And apparently five employees who slid into his DMs were enough evidence of Oracle employees’ dissatisfaction with Ellison’s decision to support Donald Trump.

It’s not journalism the way it’s supposed to be. Sadly, it’s right on par with what passes for “journalism” these days.

It really is.

The snark is cute, Teddy. What’s not so funny is that we have no doubt whatsoever that Miller would run journalistic circles around you.

Just great.