Carlos Maza’s relationship with YouTube has been a bumpy one, what with his crusade to get YouTube to demonetize — if not outright ban — conservative users. No matter how far backward YouTube was willing to bend over for Carlos, it was never enough.

Well, we’ve got some heartwarming news for you: It seems the two parties have made amends. Carlos Maza recently announced that he’s got his very own YouTube channel:

Apparently trying to shut down media you disagree with makes you a “media critic” now. Who knew?

That’s right, folks. Carlos has three main personalities and is showcasing them all for your viewing pleasure:

It’s something we could’ve done without beholding, but if we have to suffer, so do the rest of you.

Communist crap is OK. Try and keep up.

Guess this makes up for it or something.



For further insight on why Carlos is doing this:

Capitalism always wins.