Well, well, well … what do we have here? Could Dianne Feinstein be about to throw an even bigger wrench into the Resistance’s impeachment pipe dream? The L.A. Times seems to think that’s a possibility:

More from the L.A. Times:

“Nine months left to go, the people should judge. We are a republic, we are based on the will of the people — the people should judge,” Feinstein said Tuesday, after the president’s team finished a three-day presentation in his defense. “That was my view and it still is my view.”

Still, she indicated that arguments in the trial about Trump’s character and fitness for office had left her undecided. “What changed my opinion as this went on,” she said, is a realization that “impeachment isn’t about one offense. It’s really about the character and ability and physical and mental fitness of the individual to serve the people, not themselves.”

Asked whether she would ultimately vote to acquit, she demurred, saying, “We’re not finished.”

Feinstein told reporters that her office had received roughly 125,000 letters in support of the impeachment last week, and about 30,000 against it. “There is substantial weight to this,” she said, “and the question is: Is it enough to cast this vote?”

To say the least.

Guess we’d better stay tuned, huh?

For the record, here’s what Feinstein had to say on Twitter:

So it’s probably not accurate to say that she’s definitively “leaning toward acquittal” just yet.

In any event, acquittal is still all but guaranteed to be the ultimate outcome of the impeachment proceedings.



Well, Dianne Feinstein herself has some thoughts on the L.A. Times’ article:


Hopefully the Resistance is satisfied for now. They should enjoy it while it lasts, because barring something literally incredible, Donald Trump’s going to be acquitted.