All the Left has to do is stop making Mitch McConnell sound awesome, and they just … can’t … do it.

This WaPo articles is a Style feature, and that’s exactly where it belongs. Because Mitch McConnell’s got style.

Here’s how it kicks off:

First, the smirk.

Mitch McConnell’s smirk is a frown by another name. The corners of his mouth either remain flat enough to level a picture frame, or plunge downward, as if unwilling to do battle with the laws of gravity. All signs of satisfaction lie within his squinting, glinting eyes.

Though its exact meaning is open for interpretation — a sign of self-assurance? a mask of self-doubt? an attempt to trigger his detractors? — the Senate majority leader, famously a man of few words, lets his smirk do much of his talking. Deciding not to confirm President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court pick in an election year, but saying he’d do so for President Trump? Smirk. Trying to hold an impeachment trial in the dead of night? Smirk.

It’s a subtle look, and one difficult to capture. In the many political cartoons drawn over the years, artists tend to focus on the jowls, the sunken eyes, or the thinness — rather than the trajectory — of his lips. There have been more than 650 of these comics, a fact known to McConnell and his staff because he keeps them all.

Like heads on a trophy wall.

We can only assume that we’re supposed to read this thing and be very concerned about Mitch McConnell’s path of destruction. But the entire article is basically a highlight reel for Cocaine Mitch.