Peter Kirsanow recently wrote a piece on the controversial 1619 Project for National Review Online. Spoiler alert: Kirsanow is critical of the project, labeling it historical revisionism. He makes a pretty good case for it being just that. But that doesn’t sit with The Root’s Michael Harriot, a self-described “world-renowned wypipologist,” who is so incensed by Kirsanow’s criticism that he wrote a piece of his own, rebuking Kirsanow’s opinion because it’s so typical of an ignorant racist white person:

Harriot really doesn’t care for Kirsanow’s take. And why should he? Why should Harriot care what a white guy thinks about the 1619 Project?

Wow, Michael Harriot really nailed it, didn’t he?

And apparently being Michael Harriot means assuming people are white if they don’t agree with you.

He probably should.

We do:

Kirsanow’s photo is literally on the page of his NRO piece:

Embarrassing. For Michael Harriot. For The Root. For journalism.