Honestly, we ultimately don’t really care if Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren end up devouring each other out of the Democratic presidential race. That said, though, we can’t help but get the distinct impression that Bernie’s kind of getting the shaft from a lot of the media. Media like Washington Post “conservative blogger” Jennifer Rubin, who has managed to crawl impressively far up Elizabeth Warren’s backside and still not be able to see who Warren is underneath it all.

Here’s Rubin’s take on the drama unfolding between Warren and Sanders over Sanders’ alleged comments about women not being able to win presidential elections:

Clearly there are no possible explanations other than Sanders forgot about the remark or is lying about it.

Rubin does at least manage to admit that Warren hasn’t handled it well, either, but only in the sense that Warren hasn’t been tough enough on Sanders:

Third, Warren needs to stop treating Sanders like a friend who needs to be sheltered from criticism. She needs to show she can take on a male opponent with the ruthlessness required to beat Trump. Her effort to sidestep conflict — “I am not here to try to fight with Bernie” — shows a naivete and lack of killer instinct that should concern voters. If Warren is never going to take it to Sanders, how does she expect to win this thing? She might ask President Ted Cruz, who wouldn’t take on Trump in the 2016 primaries, for fear of offending Trump supporters, until it was too late. Warren needs to show the same talent that Klobuchar does in taking on Sanders on his fantasy of Medicare-for-all.

In sum, no one comes off looking well here. The CNN moderators ducked their responsibility. Sanders thinks he can get away with calling Warren a liar. Warren needs to show some killer instinct. The only winners on this issue are Biden, Klobuchar and former South Bend, Ind., mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Yes, Warren’s reluctance to go after Sanders is definitely her biggest flaw.

We honestly can’t remember the last time Jennifer Rubin had credibility. On anything.

Of course.