It’s time for Dave Weigel’s “quote of the day,” everybody! This one comes from an unnamed “Dem member of Congress” regarding the developing situation in the Middle East:

How fortunate for Iran.

Inquiring minds can’t help but want to know: which speaker would that be?

You’d think this anonymous Democratic member of Congress would want to go on the record with such a clever line, wouldn’t you?

Guess we really shouldn’t expect anything different.

Super-cool of Dave to protect the speaker’s anonymity, though. Very stunning and brave and Guardian-of-Truth-like.

Remember when Dems and lefties lost it on Nikki Haley for pointing out that only Democratic politicians are mourning the death of Iranian terrorist mastermind Qasem Soleimani?

Looks like she was right.

And looks like Democrats are determined to lose spectacularly this November.