The left-wing media’s coverage of the increase in left-wing anti-Semitic attacks has truly been something to behold.

Honestly, that’s pretty much where we’re at right now. If anti-Semitic attacks cannot be directly tied to right-wing extremism, many lefties and media outlets find themselves attempting wild feats of intellectual contortion in order to rationalize left-wing anti-Semitic violence.

And so, without further ado, the Daily Beast:

(Spoiler alert: The differences are the things that kind of justify left-wing anti-Semitism.)

What’s behind the new wave in anti-Semitic hate? Here, let Daily Beast legal affairs columnist Jay Michaelson (who’s apparently a rabbi) explain:

The answer is not simple. The recent street violence and acts of terror are based, in part, on anti-Semitic conspiracy theories similar to those on the Right. And yet, it is dangerous and misleading to see this as the same phenomenon, because the social contexts, the dynamics of race, and the relationships to power are all quite different.

This combination of baseless hatred and socio-economic grievance stands in stark contrast to the wordy theoretical manifestoes of white supremacist anti-Semitism. And while some attackers cite conspiracy theories similar to the ones on the nationalist right, such as the Black Hebrew Israelite doctrines noted above, the social contexts and relationships to power are utterly different.

And in terms of scale, there is simply no comparison between right-wing anti-Semitism, which arguably stretches into the White House itself (if not Trump, then some of his recent advisers), and the fringe sects, street violence, and bigotry found among small segments of the African-American community.

It cannot be a coincidence that the rise in anti-Semitism coincides with the rise in Trumpism. According to the FBI, anti-Semitic hate crimes jumped 37 percent in 2017, compared with a 3 percent increase in 2016 and 9 percent in 2015. (According to the ADL, the rise was 60 percent.) The dark turn to ethno-nationalism is a massive, global phenomenon. As horrific as the attacks in Brooklyn, Jersey City, and Monsey are, they are a footnote to this giant, global tidal wave.

So, to summarize Mr. Michaelson, some anti-Semitism is more equal than others. At least left-wing anti-Semites have some legitimate grievances!

It’s hot garbage. But it’s not completely terrible … Michaelson does manage to make one good point:



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