Over the weekend, five Chasidic Jews were stabbed while celebrating Chanukah at the home of Rabbi Chaim Rottenberg in Monsey, New York. And, as usual, Vox is here to explain what happened. In the Vox-iest way possible, of course:

A string of what, now?

Among the facts listed by Vox under “What we know”:

  • Aron Kohn, who attended the Hanukkah celebration, told CNN that the attacker entered the home and pulled out a knife so large that it was “almost like a broomstick.”
  • Eyewitnesses said the suspect was chased from the rabbi’s home, and then tried to get into a nearby synagogue. He was reportedly blocked from that synagogue by people who had barricaded the door from the inside.

So, the suspect entered a rabbi’s home in a city with a high Chasidic population, wielding a huge knife, and he tried to enter a synagogue after stabbing five people. According to Vox, here’s “What we don’t know”:

  • The suspect’s motive

That’s literally the only item on Vox’s list of unknowns. The motive.

Gee, what possibly could’ve motivated a guy to bust into a Chasidic rabbi’s home with a knife, stab five people, and then try to run into a synagogue. It’s a real head-scratcher!

They can’t. But you can bet they’ll keep finding ways to do worse.



Think this will make the suspect’s motive any clearer to the Vox genius brigade?