Researchers performed a study on gender identity. In children. Children as young as three years old.

The results, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, were apparently newsworthy to Reuters and also to NBC News, who published Reuters’ report:


Researchers asked the children how much they felt like a boy or girl or something else. They also asked about preferences for toys and clothes that are stereotypically associated with one gender.

The transgender kids showed strong preferences for toys and clothing typically associated with their gender identity, not their assigned sex, the study found. Their preferences didn’t appear to differ based on how long they had lived as their current gender.

The current study, Chipkin said by email, “helps to confirm the unique and separate reality of gender and how it is distinct from biological sex and socialization,” [Dr. Stuart Chipkin, who was not involved in the study] added. “It supports the idea that gender is inherent and separate from biological sex which would seem to then come down on the side of nature as opposed to nurture.”

What the hell do three-year-olds know about their gender identities? How do these “researchers” determine which young children are “trans,” which are “cis,” and which are simply kids just being kids and trying different things like kids do?

Some “study.”

This “study” is garbage, and the “researchers” who undertook it should be ashamed of themselves. As should the media outlets who ran with it.