Earlier today, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced an increased police presence in areas of the city with higher Jewish populations. This is in response to the growing wave of vicious anti-Semitic attacks in New York City:

It remains to be seen just how serious de Blasio is about combating anti-Semitism, given his historical reticence to do much beyond falsely blame white supremacists for the violence. But at least this measure is something. Naturally, it’s rubbing some people the wrong way, most notably left-wing Jews of the IfNotNow/Jewish Voices for Peace School of Anti-Semitism:

It’s vile.

And those aren’t isolated takes.

David Klion is a writer for The Nation and The New Republic, and he apparently thinks his other status as the news editor of (left-wing) Jewish Currents makes it OK for him to justify anti-Semitism:

We don’t use the term “self-loathing Jews lightly,” but it most definitely applies to people like David Klion who use their Jewish heritage as a shield behind which they can hide when they spread blatant anti-Semitism. The attacks are indeed “horrifying and unacceptable” — so why is David so “deeply uncomfortable with the optics” of Jews being protected from these horrifying and unacceptable attacks?

The answer is simple: David Klion doesn’t care about the victims; leftist wokeness points are all that matter to him. If only the Jews would just suck it all up, we could avoid the bad “optics.”

But that doesn’t work with the narrative that this is all ultimately the Jews’ fault.

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