The folks at MoveOn are feeling the electricity today. They’ve got impeachment fever, and the only cure is … absolutely zero self-awareness.

Seriously, you guys have to see this:

We have to assume that whoever tweeted that didn’t manage to do so with a straight face. Because honestly.

Maybe they were just hoping we’d forget.

Not just broken, but straight-up destroyed.

How are these people for real? Do they actually expect us to take them seriously?

Well, for what it’s worth, Neera Tanden doesn’t think MoveOn’s tweet is ironic at all. As she explains it:

Oh, OK.

“Huge point.”

Right? First of all:

A lot of people have more important stuff to do than be part of the circus.

But aside from that, there’s really only one “protest” that ultimately matters:



Irony alert! MoveOn trips over their own name while serving up pro-impeachment talking points for Thanksgiving

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