In case you missed it, yesterday, Hillary-fanboy-turned-Bernie-Bro Peter Daou asked his legions of followers for just one “reason one person should have a BILLION dollars

Meanwhile, we’re still looking for a good reason anyone should take Peter Daou seriously.

Spoken like a true ignoramus who doesn’t understand basic economics. No doubt AOC would be proud of Peter.

Well, there were plenty of people willing to answer Peter’s question:

Actress Kirstie Alley also had an answer for Daou:

We can’t exactly get behind her thoughts on vaccinations and medical drugs (or Scientology, for that matter), but she’s got a point here. And Daou doesn’t appreciate it:

Are there greedy billionaires? Of course. But as Peter Daou and his socialist brethren so clearly demonstrate, there are plenty of greedy non-billionaires, too. Socialism is built on envy and covetousness.

But there are a lot of billionaires who have contributed a great deal to both the economy and society. The same risks they took that yielded their billions have benefited countless others. Alley actually understands and appreciates that.

What she doesn’t appreciate, however, is being lectured to by condescending socialist jerks like Peter Daou:

And that’s all she wrote.


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