Elizabeth Warren’s poll numbers have been on a steady decline. Which obviously means she’s well positioned for a huge win.

Just ask Politico Magazine:

John Harris’ piece begins thusly:

As Elizabeth Warren lately has been going down in the polls, if history is a guide, her chances of becoming the next president are going up.

Those chances probably were not as great as they seemed even when she was enjoying a wave of support last summer. The odds may still be pretty long now that she is confronting rivals in her own party and fighting hard to ensure that her 2020 campaign does not turn out to be a 2019 mirage.

The point is that those chances are better now than they were before — better now that her campaign seems suddenly tenuous, better that she has an opportunity to show in vivid and visceral ways that she is the real deal rather than a passing novelty.

But … she’s not the real deal. That’s kind of a huge reason her once-frontrunner status is limping toward also-ran status. She literally can’t put her money where her mouth is. But you go on, Politico. You keep trying to make Elizabeth Warren happen. It’s actually kind of cute, in a pathetic sort of way.

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