It’s not as if anyone was asking for former CIA Director John Brennan to offer his take on current events, but no one was asking for James Comey’s, either, and we still got it. So basically, a tweet like this was inevitable:

It’s easy for Brennan to sit up there on his high horse when he’s so obviously willing to overlook his own history of corruption. His record is nothing to be proud of. Donald Trump’s no angel, to be sure, but what we’re looking at here is a pretty classic case of projection.

Bad government actors like John Brennan set the stage for Donald Trump to come along. Brennan’s in no position to be shaming Trump or anyone else for “how far we have fallen.”




‘Are you projecting’? John Brennan watching #ImpeachmentHearings to see if Republicans are going to let Trump ‘destroy the very heart of the GOP’