You can pretty much set your watch by a Media Matters troll twisting a conservative’s words. That’s exactly what MMFA “researcher” Jason Campbell is doing today with Nikki Haley.

Apparently she’s just outed herself as a white supremacist. Or, at the very least, a white supremacist sympathizer:

The lefty Blue-Check Brigade didn’t waste any time holding that up as evidence of Haley’s latent bigotry:

If Media Matters is where people are looking for evidence that Nikki Haley is a racist bigot or racist bigot apologist, that right there should show you how strong their case against her is.

Could Haley’s remarks have been a little clearer or more articulate? Yes. But anyone with half a brain knows full well that she wasn’t excusing or defending the racism symbolized by the Confederate flag. Which is why so many liberals are so upset with her over this.

If Haley’s comments are really so egregious, why not just post the clip and let people listen for themselves? Why select certain words to take out of context?

Those are rhetorical questions, of course. After all, this is MMFA we’re dealing with.