As Twitchy told you, Donald Trump tweeted a “doctored” — it’s very important that we emphasize that it was doctored — photo of his head on Sylvester Stallone’s “Rocky” body:

While the Washington Post felt compelled to include that as part of their “Impeachment Inquiry Live Updates” coverage, CNN senior congressional correspondent Manu Raju shouldered the important journalistic responsibility of reminding us why Trump’s tweet is so problematic:

Thanks so much for that reminder, Manu. We certainly can’t have the White House making official statements like that.

Well, not when Donald Trump’s in the White House, anyway. See, tweeter @neontaster has a reminder for Manu about official White House statements that went out during the previous administration:

Not exactly a serious statement, was it?

Well of course it’s up! Because it’s different when Obama does it.