As readers know, yesterday’s edition of “Reliable Sources” featured quite the lineup, including disgraced former Democratic Rep. Katie Hill and a “mental health expert” who suggested that Donald Trump is manipulating supporters with “mind control.” But we’d be remiss if we didn’t also highlight the Washington Post’s Margaret Sullivan, who took the opportunity to defend the mainstream media from accusations of bias:

Oh, we have no doubt Margaret likes to call it that. We won’t fault her for her honesty there.

But as far as the notion that the mainstream media is “reality-based” as opposed to decidedly liberal is concerned, Sullivan’s full of it.

These sources are so reliable, it hurts.

And the fact that Brian Stelter just sat there and nodded along basically makes the point that he does, too.



WaPo’s Margaret Sullivan has plenty of confidence in the ‘reality-based press,’ despite Trump’s efforts to tear America apart