Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan is very concerned about Donald Trump’s attack on the media further dividing our divided nation. She wrote a whole column about it:

Won’t hurt the what, now?

Would that be the same “reality-based press” that claimed the scalp of Leif Olson? Sullivan writes:

Still, Trump’s attacks on the news media are ugly and destructive. They deepen partisanship. They erode the bedrock democratic idea that there is a common set of facts underlying our politics.

Granted, media outlets are far from perfect. Mainstream journalists make mistakes, and need to do a better job of owning them and improving their record of fairness and accuracy.

But for the most part, they get the facts right and strive — sometimes to a fault — for neutrality and balance. We need journalists and news organizations to continue to do their jobs, and do them better than ever.

No “reality-based” member of the press could possibly believe that most prominent journalists today are neutral and balanced “to a fault.” Come on, Margaret.

No doubt about that.



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