Suppose the Jussie Smollett saga would inevitably wind up here:

More from the International Business Times:

The drama following Jussie Smollett’s alleged attack isn’t done unfolding, as he is now suing the City of Chicago. The former “Empire” star is arguing that officials constructed the story that he was the “mastermind of a hoax attack” and “that has cost him dearly.”

TMZ obtained a copy of the lawsuit, where Smollett states “the Osundairo brothers were held for 47 hours and they adamantly denied any involvement in the assault.” He also reportedly says it was only after they were assured they’d get immunity that they told the story of a staged attack.

“He doesn’t know what involvement, if any, the Osundairo brothers had in the attack. He thinks the brothers were lured into the smear campaign by cops,” the lawsuit also reportedly states.

Smollett has named the Osundairo brothers, multiple officials and Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson as the people he was targeting in the suit.


Hey, why the hell not? Jussie Smollett’s made it abundantly clear that he has no shame, so he might as well try to sue Chicago.

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