What happens when you let politics infect every aspect of your life? Crap like this, that’s what:

More from The Hill:

The Washington Post reported that dozens of children as young as seven years old joined Kiyoko Merolli on Saturday at her seventh birthday party outside the White House, where they held signs bearing positive messages such as “Batman 2020” and “I love cats” and were led by an activist in several chants.

Merolli’s original request had been for an impeachment-themed party, complete with a cake depicting the now-famous “Baby Trump” blimp deployed by protesters around the world. Her mother, a federal worker, feared that such a party would risk her job and asked her daughter to reconsider, the Post reported.

“This is a great way to teach kids about the First Amendment, and how to protest safely,” one parent who attended with their children, Malawi Welles, told the Post. “Our kids aren’t just the future. They have a voice today. I think coming to something like this teaches them that.”

It’s also a great way to teach kids that politics are more important than enjoying your childhood.

This is a really, really stupid thing. And it deserves to be labeled as such. But not by someone like Tom Nichols:

Kids like Kiyoko Merolli don’t just decide to have impeachment-themed birthday parties on their own. It happens because they’re surrounded by ostensibly mature adults who don’t know how to shut it off for even a damn minute. Tom Nichols has made his entire existence impeachment-themed, and now he’s telling someone else to tone it down?