Hey, guys. So remember when Elizabeth Warren called for regulation of political ads in order to prevent the dissemination of lies?

And remember when last week, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey effectively gave her what she wanted when he announced that Twitter would “stop all political advertising,” in part to help prevent the spread of “unchecked misleading information”? One would think Warren would be pretty happy about it. But guess what: she’s not.

Here are Warren’s tweets on the subject:

What’s wrong, Liz?

This is no laughing matter! Except it kind of is. Because Elizabeth Warren has totally exposed her hypocrisy. Her speech is more equal than others, it seems.

Sorry, Liz. Don’t say we didn’t tell you to be careful what you wish for.

Or does she? Maybe don’t get too excited about Warren getting her comeuppance just yet.

It’s pretty clear what she expects them to do: support her agenda and spurn anything that contradicts it. And you know what? Twitter might actually be OK with that:

Because of course you are, Jack. Because of course you are.