You know what the Mueller report’s been missing all this time? Illustrations. Thank goodness the Washington Post is here to fix that:

More from the Washington Post:

“The release of the Mueller report represented a key moment for President Trump. The report’s two volumes, which exhaustively detail the special counsel’s findings about Russia’s interference in the 2016 campaign and how Trump responded to the investigation, provide an unparalleled window into his presidency. The report’s second volume – detailing possible obstruction of justice in the White House – left open questions that have gained new relevance as Congress continues to investigate the president and he continues to resist,” said Martin Baron, executive editor, The Washington Post. “This book helps to easily and clearly explain the underlying facts of the obstruction investigation, allowing the public to arrive at its own conclusions.”

“We are enormously pleased and proud to partner with The Washington Post once again,” said Nan Graham, Senior Vice President and Publisher of Scribner. “The Post has poured its vision, creativity, and unparalleled reporting into making The Mueller Report Illustrated an original graphic rendering of the details contained within the special counsel’s report. We are confident readers will find this illustrated telling compelling, informative, and deeply meaningful.”

Imagine thinking that the Washington Post is a paragon of “vision, creativity, and unparalleled reporting.”