Elizabeth Warren thinks she’s riding pretty high on the strength of her unfeasible and completely insane Medicare for All plan (if you can really call it a plan). But she may not be in as awesome shape as she thinks she is.

The New York Times’ Nate Cohn recently wrote a piece about how Donald Trump is faring against the Democratic competition, and it appears he’s doing pretty darn well against ol’ Liz:

@ComfortablySmug is having particular fun with these bits:

Holy crap. She is Hillary.

Ask and ye shall receive, Smug:


It’s not like we’re crazy about the prospect of Elizabeth Warren as the Democratic nominee. But we’d be lying to ourselves if we said that the schadenfreude potential didn’t make it kind of worth it. The opportunity to watch Elizabeth Warren bang her head on that glass ceiling before ultimately going to down in flames is just too golden.