Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman’s patriotism is being questioned today by some on the Right, particularly Donald Trump and his usual allies. Vindman testified before Congress today regarding the phone call between Trump and Ukrainian president Zelensky, and because his testimony failed to erase concerns over Trump’s ethics (or lack thereof), Vindman’s critics are suggesting that he has dual loyalty between America and Ukraine, from which Vindman emigrated as a child with his parents to flee persecution of Jews in the Soviet Union.

These character assassination attempts are nothing short of offensive and disgusting. Vindman has served the U.S. — his home — with honor and distinction. And, as documentarian Ken Burns notes, Vindman’s appreciation for America goes back to his childhood:


Critics are, of course, entitled to try to cast doubt on Vindman’s testimony. After all, his testimony did little to benefit Trump. But questioning his loyalty to this country reeks of desperation and betrays a fundamental lack of understanding as to the meaning of patriotism.



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