We’ll never forget the powerful bond between Alyssa Milano and failed Democratic House hopeful Jon Ossoff. But it seems like maybe Milano would like to:

Things sure have changed.

More from the Free Beacon’s David Rutz:

For a Times piece about Milano’s status as an “it-girl activist,” a reporter followed the actress through a flurry of activity in Washington. Milano’s phone buzzed repeatedly as she met with members of Congress. Milano ignored the series of texts and calls from Ossoff, the Georgia Democrat for whom she enthusiastically campaigned in 2017.

And Jon Ossoff, the Georgia Democrat and documentary filmmaker she campaigned for in 2017, whose texts and calls she was ignoring as she made her way between meetings just hours after he announced he would run again. (She would deal with them later.)



But at least all’s not completely lost for Ossoff:

Georgia Action Fund, a pro-Perdue group, needled Ossoff for being ignored by Milano and accepting a campaign contribution from Jim Barksdale, a former Democratic Senate candidate who has expressed belief in 9/11 conspiracies.

So he’s still got that going for him.