Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar really wants the Turkish government to be held accountable for cracking down on the Kurds in Syria, but she just doesn’t think sanctions are the way for us to go about it:

Omar writes:

This is an unmistakable echo of the failed U.S. strategy of “maximum pressure” on Iran and Venezuela. And just as with those two countries, it would be a humanitarian and geopolitical disaster.

In so much of our foreign policy, we rely on muscle memory and a limited toolbox to decide the best course of action. And too often sanctions regimes are ill considered, incoherent and counterproductive.

Research has shown that sanctions rarely achieve their desired goals. In the worst-case scenario, they hurt the people of a country — generally the very people we’re purporting to help — without making a dent in the country’s behavior. And in the case of human-rights abusers, research suggests that more abuses typically occur with economic sanctions in place than without them.

So, she’s against sanctions, huh? Could’ve fooled us! Could’ve fooled @AG_Conservative, too:

Guess some economic sanctions are more problematic than others. Or something.

Well, actually …

Yep. And, of course, there’s also this:

Cowards who won’t dare hold Ilhan Omar accountable for her anti-Semitism, bigotry, and double standards.