You know, we’d just been thinking to ourselves that what this country needs more of is terrified children. While Greta Thunberg and her international brigade are out there telling kids they’re all going to die of climate cancer, there are adults right here at home trying to scare kids in more traditional ways. Namely, telling them that there’s a pretty good chance they’ll get murdered in school. And a great way to get that message across is to have shooting drills. But the geniuses at Dayton, Ohio-area Franklin High School came up with something really brilliant:

The drill happened yesterday morning. More from the Dayton Daily News:

Today’s drill will consist of Franklin police firing blanks in the building using a shotgun and rifle several times so students and staff can react as they would in a real world scenario between 7:30 and 10:30 a.m.

During the controlled drill, students and staff will practice barricading in classrooms and evacuating the building school officials said. Officials said the drill will be handled slowly, step by step, to accurately inform students and staff of best practices to handle active threats.

The remainder of the day will be devoted to conversations in each of the students’ classrooms related to safety, as well as other Social Emotional Activities to help students process any emotions they feel as a result of the drill. Counselors will also be on hand to assist students.

Well, it’s good that they thought to have counselors there, given that some of those kids will probably have PTSD now.

Whoever came up with this idea is clearly shooting mental blanks.

Parting related reading from Karol Markowicz:

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