As Twitchy told you earlier, Aaron Calvin, the ace Des Moines register reporter who managed to dig up a couple of tasteless tweets Carson King sent at 16, is no longer with the Register after some of his own tasteless tweets were brought to light.

BuzzFeed opinion editor Tom Gara, for one, thinks that’s an outrage:

The irony of someone who works at BuzzFeed being upset about something like this is not lost on us.

Tom’s outrage is noted. It is not, however, taken seriously, because it’s ultimately not rooted in intellectual honesty.

What happened with King, Calvin, and the Des Moines register is a case study in bad journalism. And, as tweeter @EsotericCD points out, even more than Aaron Calvin, the Des Moines Register looks petty, unprofessional, and shameful. Because they knew better, and they didn’t care.

They don’t deserve the benefit of anyone’s doubt. Not anymore.