Yesterday, independent journalist — and Antifa victim — Andy Ngo tweeted about a Portland Climate Strike activist who was arrested with multiple potential weapons:

Apparently, Ngo is just engaged in an anti-Antifa propaganda campaign. That’s what journalist Mariah Blake is going with, anyway:

Spoiler alert: Mariah isn’t interested in looking at anyone’s point of view if that point of view isn’t hers.

Antifa doesn’t do self-defense. Because Antifa is always on the offensive.

Whatever you need to tell yourself, sweetie.

And speaking of journalists who don’t know what they’re talking about, check out this take from British journalist and filmmaker Jake Hanrahan:

Who’s the weasel, Jake? Andy Ngo, who, unlike you, has experienced Antifa’s violence firsthand? Or you, the smug Real Journalist™ who callously dismisses violence because it aligns with your worldview?

These so-called “journalists” could learn a lot from Andy Ngo. But fat chance they’ll climb down from their ivory towers to do so.

A pretty lousy one, evidently.

Yeah, what would Andy Ngo know about any of that?