Last week, the Washington Post Fact Checker awarded three Pinocchios to Bernie Sanders’ claim that “500,000 people go bankrupt every year because they cannot pay their outrageous medical bills.” Needless to say, Sanders’ campaign wasn’t happy about it. They responded to the fact check with a letter demanding a retraction:

David Himmelstein and Steffie Woolhandler, authors of the study on which Sanders’ claim was based, also called out WaPo for questioning the soundness of their research. Other left-wing journos and media outlets are slamming WaPo for failing to indulge Sanders’ claims:

Since these outlets don’t seem to be interested in much beyond protecting the precious, WaPo columnist Megan McArdle is graciously doing their work for them and taking a closer look at why Sanders’ claim merited those three Pinocchios.

Check it out:

For what it’s worth: