As Twitchy told you yesterday, former blink-and-you’d-miss-her Canadian Prime Minister Kim Campbell recently expressed her hope that Hurricane Dorian would bless Florida with “a direct hit on Mar a Lago [sic].”

Well, after having the night to sleep on it, Campbell’s come to her sense and deleted the tweet. She’s also explained — totally believably, of course — that she didn’t actually mean what she said:

Oh, well. In that case …


But it’s not really a sincere apology, is it?

We won’t argue with her that she should know better. She should know better than to think we’re all stupid enough to believe her lame explanation. Here’s another tweet she sent the day after her original:

She’s made it pretty clear that she thinks Trump deserves to have Mar-a-Lago destroyed. She’s sincerely sorry, all right, but only for getting called out.

Look. If Campbell wants to snark at Trump and shame him on behalf of Mother Nature, that’s fine. She’s entitled. But she needs to own it — completely. Not try to tapdance her way out of the hole she dug.