Bad news, West Coast. Turns out, some of your favorite burgers are highly problematic:

More of Business Insider’s sizzling hot scoop:

Mark Taylor, In-N-Out’s chief operating officer, and his wife, Traci Taylor — who is the half-sister of In-N-Out’s president and owner, Lynsi Snyder, and who lists In-N-Out as her employer — have donated more than $15,000 to Trump and the national Republican Party since August 2016.

Both Mark and Traci Taylor hit the maximum that an individual can donate to a candidate in donations to Trump in the 2016 election. In fact, both exceeded the limit and had thousands of dollars in donations returned.

Since Trump’s election, the Taylors have continued to donate thousands of dollars to Trump and the Republican National Committee.

“Politics aside, most executives from widely respected, major brands have avoided any connection with Trump,” Chris Allieri, the founder of the brand consultancy Mulberry & Astor, told Business Insider. “For their customers … and for their employees — an alliance with Trump and what he stands for does not make good business sense.”

Yeah, In-N-Out’s business is clearly hurting thanks to exec’s support for Donald Trump.

Who cares? $15 donated to Trump would still have been too much. Clearly the public needs to be informed about In-N-Out’s heresy.

Something tells us that In-N-Out won’t see a major dropoff in sales. After all, not even the most liberal celebs can seem to resist the lure of the animal-style. But isn’t it interesting that Real Journalists are trying to stir the pot over In-N-Out execs’ political persuasion, which has nothing to do with their business, while flipping out at the prospect of Trump allies maintaining a collection of Real Journalists’ embarrassing tweets when said Real Journalists have gone out of their way to make their jobs highly political?

These poor, persecuted journalists are whining about their old tweets being brought to light, and yet, here they are trying to make the public angry at a few In-N-Out execs whose only sin is donating some money to a guy the media are pissed at. Apparently the brave firefighters can dish it, but they can’t take it.

The moral of the story?

Seriously. Just stop.