In case you missed it, Donald Trump has been on quite a roll today:

Wow, indeed. Talk about a heaping plate of fresh hell. And then there’s this:

Second Coming? Chosen one? Who does this guy think he is? Barack Obama?

We don’t exactly have to imagine it, do we? As @redsteeze points out, as disgusting and offensive as Donald Trump’s self-deification is, it’s not exactly unprecedented:

Barack “We Are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting For” Obama held himself in rather lofty regard. It takes a serious self-aggrandizer to suggest that the moment he was elected was the moment the planet began to heal.

By all means, media firefighters. Call out Trump for this ridiculousness. Lord knows (no pun intended) he should be called out for it. But don’t sit there and pretend you didn’t spend eight years indulging Barack Obama’s own delusions of grandeur.