As Twitchy told you, earlier today, Donald Trump proudly touted nutjob Wayne Allyn Root’s pronouncement that Israeli Jews basically worship him as “the Second Coming of God” and later proclaimed that he’s “the chosen one” when it comes to dealing with China. A lot of liberals have responded by playing the “What if Barack Obama Had Said That?” Game. Including none other than Captain American himself, Chris Evans:

These little thought exercises are fun, aren’t they? It’s almost as if lefties like Chris Evans have completely forgotten the daily deification of Barack Obama by our ostensibly objective media. Obama declared “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for” and credited his election with slowing any future rise in ocean levels. But even if he hadn’t done that, the media carried water for St. Obama like their lives depended on it.

We remember the Obama years. And we remember that many of the same people on the Left decrying Donald Trump’s delusions of grandeur and messiah complex had no problem whatsoever with Barack Obama’s. It seems pretty safe to say that a lot more conservatives are calling Trump out for his ridiculousness today than liberals called out Obama for his.



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