As Twitchy told you yesterday, Max Boot decided that the best way to respond to being rightfully called out at National Review for his dishonest hackery was not to own up to his dishonest hackery, but rather to double down on it:

Evan McMullin, who represented himself as a true conservative alternative to Donald Trump, did what he could to amplify Boot’s ridiculousness today:

It’s not surprising that Evan McMullin is firmly on Team Max Boot. But it is a little shocking that he thought he could get away with it:

If Boot’s baloney about National Review’s “long-standing opposition to immigration” were true — and it cannot be overemphasized that it’s not true — then why did McMullin feel comfortable hanging out at such a supposed haven for white nationalists?

Maybe because he knows that Boot’s completely full of crap, but he’s sold his soul to the Resistance and isn’t looking back.

In attempting to shame National Review, Evan McMullin shames himself.



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